Our Philosophy


From the beginning, our main goal is to create products that pay the highest respect to nature and its gifts, to health and tradition, and most importantly, to the people who know how to appreciate quality.

Our containers are specially made to be safe and practical.

They are not fancy-looking bottles that increase the cost and minimize the quantity of the product.

What is essential for us is our customers to have a real true gourmet product at the best price.

 Despite all the modern marketing based on the image, we insist on our principles(values)

We aim for you to have the original product in the most practical way, respecting your health, wallet, and intelligence.

 We are targeting consumers who are not impressed by seductive packaging and misleading advertisements but deserve an excellent and authentic product at the best quality/price ratio.

Fewer transport costs, and more products in your hands so that you can include in your diet the basis of the famous Mediterranean diet, the cause of Cretan longevity, and the foundation of the ancient Minoan civilization.

We want you to taste the product that we, Cretans, have had on our table in our everyday life, for centuries.

Imagine for a moment that you are in the center of an olive oil grove, during the harvest season, or that you are in the “liotrivi”(olive press) waiting for the first drop of the harvested oil to come out, with a piece of fresh warm bread in your hand and with all your senses to celebrate this golden-green elixir extracted from centuries of hard work and passion.

This is what we want to convey to you through our products.

We are far from a large industrial producer of olive oil that does not have direct contact with the primary process…..

We live and breathe among the olive trees, we are part of this land and its people, and it has always been our dream, with small and honest steps, through our products, to pay the highest respect to the effort of everyday people who belong to this blessed land.