About US

We are a family-owned company that resides


Agios Ioannis

(St. John’s)

Koutsounari – Ierapetra – Crete – Greece.

Since 1997 

We produce, bottle, and pack the highest quality, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Traditional Products that are exclusive to our particular province.

Our extra virgin olive oil can only be found in Agios Ioannis (St. John’s), which is a small village, just a few kilometers outside of  Ierapetra.

St.John’s  Extra Virgin Olive Oil  has an acidity level of less than .05% and is never mixed with any other olive oils,

not even from nearby regions.

We insist on doing this because it helps us keep the highest organoleptic and nutritional quality in our products, as well as the absolute best taste, aroma, color, and acidity.  Our extra virgin olive oil is the main ingredient in all of our food and cosmetic products.

Every day, we use products that make our lives easier for a moment, but difficult in the long run.

We know that artificial tastes, colors, and aromas could persuade the most experienced consumer. Unfortunately, this occurs because most of us do not take a moment to consider the labels on these unhealthy options that we use and allow our children to use and consume.

In 1997, when our company was born, we made a decision to never, ever produce or sell anything that our own children and we could not consume.

That’s how we came to the decision to make naturally wonderful and practical products that everyone can trust and purchase without a second thought.

No harmful chemicals, parabens, or preservatives can be found in our products.

Thank you for being that kind of person and without  further ado, we introduce to you, our products:

For the availability of our products.

Our local factory outlet store (ALL ABOUT OIL) in Koutsounari, Ierapetra, Crete, Greece. 

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